Falling in love is a beautiful culmination of the deep, emotional connection that you have built with your partner.
- MaryBeth Hyland, LoveLens Officiant

Your shared experiences form the lens through which you view the world that you have created together; they shape your values, your decisions, and the paths that you will choose.

The Love Lens Wedding Ceremony guides you and your partner in identifying and celebrating the key moments  that have led you to unite in marriage. I ultimately take those moments and weave them into a unique love story that is  shared during your ceremony.

During the process, I learn about the Bride and Groom as individuals, so so that I can better understand how the world is have decided to share your futures.

When two people wed, they do not become one - they become something greater than the sum of their parts, a combination of gifts that inspires growth and strength in one another.

My goal is to honor your journey as a couple, while providing the wedding attendees with an immersive appreciation of your story. My hope is that the audience will have the opportunity to learn about - and share in - the profoundness of your love.


I will be working with you and your partner to determine the length and depth of services you would like to commit to. Each ceremony is custom-designed to explore your unique love story in four steps.

step 1: Meeting you!

Let’s start by getting to know each other and talking about the vision you have for your ceremony. We’ll be covering logistics as well as the tone you would like to achieve for the overall experience.

You’ll have the chance to decide if you would like to move forward with Love Lens.

step 2: Discovering Your Lens

I'll create a customized interview for each of you to complete separately, in your own time. Your responses will help me understand the unique perspective that each of you bring to your relationship, so I can deliver a story that was made just for you.

step 3: Preparing Your Story

We'll connect before your big day to finalize any lingering details, and I’ll take the opportunity to make sure that you’re comfortable with the sequence and flow. 

You may choose to review the ceremony story in advance or to experience it for the first-time with your wedding guests.

step 4: Tying the Knot

I will be provide support and participate in your wedding rehearsal process and, of course, provide the official wedding officiant duties on your wedding day


one Lifetime investment


  • Three custom consultations to craft Ceremony
  • Design of Ceremony (traditions + readings)
  • Personalized “Love Lens” Wedding Ceremony Story
  •  Officiant duties on Wedding Day


Provide officiant duties during Wedding Rehearsal. Officiant duties include leadership of the wedding ceremony and responsibility for legal procedures. They do not include event coordination (such as staging the wedding party, professional catering, on-site logistics, or venue selection). 


Coaching support for writing wedding vows